IDS Recap

The goal of my IDS was for me to learn the necessary programming languages for making websites.

I went about doing this by making a page on my website that was a database for our Clash Of Clans clan.

After I got multiple suggestions for the webpage, I decided to expand and make this page not just a datacenter but also a place to claim targets in a war. This was becoming a problem inside of the clan because people would claim targets and someone else would then attack it.

Clash Of Clans does not have a public API, so I can’t get data off of the Clash of Clans server without doing something that Clash Of Clans does not support. Because of this, the website has to be more independent, and get updated through human interaction instead of automatically through the Clash of Clans server.

Here is a list of things I have put on my website (Somewhat in order)

– Navigation Bar

– Login and Register System

– Layout of Clan Page

– Two databases, one for war data, and one for clan-mate data

– List of Clan-mates on the side of Clan Page

– Current war and past war list

– Add war data/Add clan-mate data button

– Permissions (Only specified people can add war or clan-mate data)

– War information page

– Another database for war events

– Add war event button

– Claiming system

That is everything I have added to the Clan page on my website.

I have also made a page for UHC (Ultra Hard Core). On June 20th I am hosting a UHC along with Lyle and I made a page on my website for it. This was a great opportunity for me to fiddle around with javascript because I was not able to with the Clan page.

I did not have time to write my own javascript code, Instead I modified open source code. This allowed me to try javascript without having to learn the entire language first.

After my presentation I might make another post, but If you want to learn more about my website go ahead and visit it at: Thanks for reading again :3

My IDS is Finished!

This morning I have finished my IDS. I solved all of the problems I had sense my last post and have everything set up and running. I solved the problem with war events by creating another database and storing all war events in there instead of in with the other war data. I solved my problems with the claim system by storing claim information in with the clan-mate data. The downside to this is I can’t have a record of who claimed what, only the current war’s claims.

There may still be some bugs and things that need fixing on the website, but as far as I have seen it works perfectly. It will most likely take a while before I notice anything.

I will be posting one more blog post recapping my IDS, but until then thanks for reading :3

Hopefully my second to last IDS update.

I have been running into problems when storing data about wars. I have come up with a new plan on how to store the data but this new plan will not work with the claiming system. So in order for this to work I have to come up with a new system for claiming enemies.

The main problem that I have been running into is how complicated the war system in clash of clans is. I have to be able to give the server some data in this format: (clan member name) (attacks / defends against) (enemy number) (stars [0,1,2,3]). That format can explain everything that happens in a war. The problem is translating it into the data base and then onto the website when it is called. There is also other complicated functions that need to happen. Best attack on someone, max of 2 attacks, re-calculating star count with respect to all attacks, etc.

I have searched around for a clash of clans public API but I could not find anything. has some kind of API but it is not public. So sadly I can not connect my website to the clash of clans servers. What I did find was an API that plancke made for the Hypixel Minecraft server in PHP and I might be adding that to my website if I have time to spare. You can see his API in action here: .

Thats all for now. Hopefully my next post will be my last on this IDS, thanks for reading :3

IDS update… again…

I have completely finished the login/register system on my website. I think. I added google’s “reCAPTCHA” to my register page to protect against bots. I have also fixed the login form not working. There is still an error that I can not get rid of. It is not effecting the functionality of my website, it just looks ugly.

Now what I have to do is get the war system set up. I have a mysql table open and some code to connect the website to it. An issue I can see coming is programming in different amounts of participants. If every war had lets say 15 people in it, that would be a lot easier to code. But not every war will be the same, all I do know is it will be from 10-50 in intervals of 5. Hopefully this won’t be too complicated.

If you have no idea what Im talking about, I am making a page on my website dedicated to the Clash of Clans clan: SoulBoundRealms.

Thanks for reading :3

I have found a way of getting rid of the error. No more ugliness :3.

Another IDS Update.

After my last blog post, I have added a register and login button that I can easily add to all pages of my website. Both the Login and Register buttons or on the navigation bar on the top of the website. The registering system works fine, but people can easily make bots that automatically register an account. I found 2500 accounts one day in the database… I disabled registering until I make some sort of bot protection. Also the login system seems to be broken but It should be easy to fix. After I get those hooked up I need to store data on a users clash of clans username(s). And after that I can start making a war system. The war system should be very easy because I already have the register system working, It should just be a matter of copying and modifying some of that code.

Thats where I am now. If I get a spam-bot protection working this week I should have plenty of time to work on the war system and maybe even some extra time to work on something else.

Thanks for reading :3

IDS update.

I have got my website up and running :3.

You can go visit it at:

There is nothing on the website at the moment, I will slowly be adding stuff onto the website in the next few weeks.

I have most of the code for the website finished, but i wan’t to make it look as good as possible before i upload it. Sorry for the delay

Thanks for reading :3


I decided to add a little more information,

What I have accomplished sense my last post on this topic was… I directed my domain ( to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) witch allows the website to use php and java code. I also added a .htaccess file to the server that removes the “.html” from the end of the url. I could also use this later to do some other cool things with the url. I am using FileZilla to upload files to the server quickly so that I don’t have to host a php running software on my computer to test some simple code.

I emailed supercell over 2 months ago and still got no response, So if I’m going to continue and make a section of my website based on our Clash Of Clans clan I will have to be very careful in fallowing their “Fan Content Policy“.

Thanks for reading again :3

Hub reads update. Book finished and second fishbowl.

This contains spoilers on the book To Kill a Mockingbird.

I didn’t write a post when I finished the book because I knew that there would be a fishbowl soon after. We have already started a new theme so this may be my last or second last post on IHub reads. We also had a final essay on our books. I chose this as my topic:


2) Theme: Alienation

Writers often highlight the values of a culture or a society by using characters that are alienated from that culture or society because of gender, race, class, or creed. Show how that character’s alienation reveals the surrounding society’s assumptions or moral values. (Avoid plot summary)

I believe that Without characters like the Finches, The town of Macomb would seem like any regular town (Copied directly from my essay).

I like this topic because it works for both the main characters, and the rest of society.


The question for the FishBowl was:

Discuss law as it is represented in To Kill A Mockingbird. What power and limitations exist within the legal system according to Atticus, Jem, and Scout? Are justice and fairness conflicting concepts in “To Kill a Mockingbird”?

My thesis for the FishBowl discussion was:

“In this book, Justice is not fair. But the majority believe that it is”

Obviously what happened in the court to Tom Robinson was not fair. But there are still people who believe that what happened was fair.


Sorry for the longer post, Thanks for reading :3.

Programming IDS update

I have gotten far with the html and php code. But my PhpStorm and Dreamweaver have expired. So I don’t currently have a program for creating my website. I am hoping to get a domain name this weekend but even if I do I will not have anything to write the code.  I am able to take a picture of what I have done up until now, but without the whole site you will not be able to see much. If I get a demo website up this weekend then you will be able to see the whole thing :).

– Just a quick update. thanks for reading 🙂

Programming IDS

For my Independent Directed Study (IDS) I have decided to create a website. The reason I would wan’t to create a website is: I can use multiple programming languages to create it. Like my old inquiries I can use java, I can maybe even post a video game on my website. And of course I will have to use html, javascript, and php for programming the website itself.

I have already started creating the website using Adobe Dreamweaver. I am using Adobe Dreamweaver because it has a very easy to use css editor. I am also using PhpStorm from Jetbrains because it hosts the website on my computer so I can test php code.  I am using bootstrap witch is a package full of css files. I am using it because I am currently not that good at css :3.

Next time I post I will have a picture of how far I’ve gotten.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Some links:

IHub reads. Up to chapter 24.



I did not post an update last week because the chapters from 10-15 did not open up that much conversation. I feel like everything that happened in those chapters where only for character development and added nothing to the main story line. This does not make it boring, or un-entertaining. But even if I tried I would not be able to think of anything to write. This is also only my opinion.

Now that that is out of the way… Time for spoilers.

I really enjoyed chapters 15-24, Everything seemed to happen in these chapters and chapter 23 ended in a perfect cliff-hanger. No new characters have been introduced that I can remember. The court case happened and Atticus presented evidence that could not be argued with. There was no evidence that Tom Robinson even did the crime but they still convicted him guilty.

I could see this coming, It has been foreshadowed multiple times in the book, Reverend Sykes said once that not once has a black man won in court.

Also sense the last meeting I have watched the move based on this book in class, So I already know a bit of what will happen in the next few chapters.

Anyways . Thanks for reading this update/post 🙂