Open house, Minecraft Nail, and New Inquiry

         Inquiry Hub Open House:


On Thursday January 16th the InquiryHub had an Open House. A lot of people came and I got to meet a lot of parents. I was set up with a few arduinos that I got ready for people to look at. I haven’t used arduinos since christmas break so I was a bit slow at getting it all ready. In the end I set up 2 arduinos, One with a simple song playing on it, and another with a traffic light and button.  I didn’t really know what to say when people came over but Aaron and Evan helped me out. I hope some of the people I met end up coming to the Inquiry Hub.


      Minecraft Nail:

(If you don’t know anything about Minecraft or simply don’t care skip this paragraph)

           On Thursday January 16th (the same day as the open house) a couple of friends and I played a game of  “Nail” made by Rixiot  at lunch time (11:45 – 12:45).  Nail is a Minecraft PvP map (player vs player) where there are two teams of four: Attackers and Defenders. The Attackers’ job is to destroy 2 sponges at the far end of the map. The Defenders’ job is to defend it. We had a team captain vote:

Defenders: Nolan(Me), Leif,  Michael, and William

Attackers: Lyle, Josh, Harry, and LiamO(

William took the sniping position and scored some amazing shots on the Attackers. The Defenders don’t get food like the Attackers do so Michael got us some.  There are 2 ender pearls in the map so I took one of them hoping that they would not know where the other one is. Then I joined up with William.  And finally Leif and Michael took to close combat and completely destroyed the Attackers. It ended with a victory to the Defenders!  It was a fun game and we hope to play again.

New Inquiry Idea:

I have teamed up with Lyle for a new Inquiry. We are going to make a song (with lyrics) and make a video for it

(in short a music video). We don’t have anything to share at the moment but feedback would be great. Just a short update thanks for reading :D.

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