A card trick without a name!

Today in Digital-Media class, we were shown a card trick (not a magic trick) that involves a lot of concentrating and random movements.

What we do is arrange the cards in order so that if we place down a card, it will be an ace, then we move the next card to the back and place down the second card that will be a 2, and so on. Confusing I know. Also the cards can be face up if you wish. you aren’t allowed to mess with the deck while placing the cards down only when you are arranging the cards so they will come up in that order. Also you can do it with as many cards as you want, From 5 up (we didn’t try below 5). We started by putting 5 cards in order. then we kept testing till we got it right. Then we did 6 cards and so on. I found out a trick where i lay the cards out on the table, and put spaces in between the 1, the 2, and the 3. If the card at the end is even the card between 1 and 2 has to be the next one in the sequence. So with 6 cards it will be, 142635. That is the order you stick 6 cards in for it to work. Carl and I managed to figure out up to 10, we didn’t have the time to go further. The order for 10 cards is: 1,6,2,9,3,7,4,10,5,8. I think I don’t have the cards on me at the moment.

Also Michael managed to do the whole deck!

photo 2Sorry the Picture isn’t to clear.


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