Inquiry update #2

I am still working with Lyle  to make a music video. We have done a lot in the last week but really not much we can share. We have the layout of the song all ready. We are still struggling to get a theme for the song, Once we have this we can work the lyrics out. We know that we wan’t to make the song somewhat dark (considering the instruments we have) but not as dark as something like the catalyst by linking park…that is just creepy.  We were thinking more like “breaking the habit” or “castle of glass”. Ive been thinking about castle of glass a lot because it has a very distinct theme to it (how much a person can make a difference in war). And thinking about that all dark songs are about something like war or poverty, And we wan’t our song to be somewhat original.  Its been hard to work to much on it this week because we were trying to get everything ready for the report cards.






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