3 most trusted websites…

We were asked to chose 3 of our most trusted websites (information websites). I don’t have any…

Ive been using stackoverflow.com to help me learn how to program in java, and most of the information on that site is really helpful, but it is a question/answer website so some of the answers might not be correct. but so far the community seems really nice and more then one answer is always given so I can try them out until one works. I was thinking about getting an account but today in DigitalMedia class we were talking about internet safety, and now I don’t know. If you use that website and you are happy please send me a comment.

Other then that website, I like to use information from other people or books, which seams to be a bit more reliable.

And if I where to use websites that i trust that aren’t for information I would pick: Something.com, because it never changes and all it says is “something.”, InquiryHub.org, because why not?, and finally stack overflow.com.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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