Digital Media class Feb 28,

Today in digital Media class, Heidi Gable came in to talk about copyright.  if you notice, at the bottom of this webpage:, you can find a disclaimer at the bottom. We where shown a video by that guy and asked why he is allowed to use other peoples music, We decided he is allowed because he is not making any money off of it (even though he is selling it), He will remove any song if the owners do not approve, and  he only uses small clips, witch is allowed.  We where also shown this website: where you can make a creative commons listens. The listens tells people if they are allowed to share, copy, modify, or make money off of your product/website. We learned a lot more today but it is a bit hard to put into words on a blog. We learned about what is allowed when copying something, and when you can get sued for it. for an example.


Thanks for reading and I will post more information later.

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