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Lyle has been sick for two weeks…he is finally back but we weren’t able to get much done in those 2 weeks, I did manage to re-write the piano for the song, made an intro for the song (started working on an ending), and started making ideas for the lyrics. We still have to find a person to sing (not sure if its going to be a boy or a girl yet), add some drums, finish the lyrics, record again, and film the video.  But hopefully we can do 2-4 this weekend.  Some problems we had with our last recording where all audio issues, things wouldn’t record properly and something was holding down the peddle on the keyboard (i didn’t notice because i couldn’t hear it). We do have an audio file of our old version but I don’t think i should post it yet, I also have sheet music for the piano but i don’t have a scanner so I can’t show you.


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