Java Applications and Game Design

Today in Digital Media class we where told to make a poster on what we are interested in doing and sharing. After making my poster I was given 2 helpful questions (the other 9 where just random sticky notes). The first good questions is “how would you share it? (licence it?)” I have never thought about this before, Creative commons might work but I would probably have to look into it more to make sure. The second was “what other program u could use?” (exactly as it was written) and my answer is: what is the question? I really don’t understand, Im going to assume you mean what other kinds of computer programming languages could I use, But really I could use any language but I feel like sticking with Java because It is the best language I can think of that works on both mac and pc (linux too). I have learned a bit of c++ though.

What would I change about my presentation? I think I should have added more details and have researched the best way to licence it. (I’m going to assume that creative commons is). Other then that I think my presentation was pretty good.


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