Inquiry Update & Science

In science we are currently working on sparki (arduino).  Im working with Lyle and Liam to program our robot to go through a maze by itself. So far, It is having a hard time making right turns…The way we wan’t it to go through the maze is for It to fallow the left wall. But when it reaches a right turn it hits the wall first, and sometimes hits its tail end on the wall causing it to swerve a different direction.  My brain started to hurt so I took a brake from programming. And that is where we are now.

Also, I have been working on my inquiry a lot. My inquiry was “I ill design and build a 2d Action game”. I have been fallowing a tutorial on youtube. I found someone else who made a game using the same tutorial, and found out how he got entities to work, like an NPC… So I added one to my game but I couldn’t get multiple of the same NPC to spawn. So now Im debating if I should make it an action game against an AI or an action game against another player…And that is where I am so far.

Thanks for reading 😀

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