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Find a single significant detail in your novel. Look for a specific passage, a pivotal event, or an important symbol. Find something that grabs your interest and that you want to examine carefully. For your blog post, investigate your detail completely–Make it your own. Learn everything you can about it. Why is it there in the story? How does it relate to the particular scene in the novel? How is it important to the overall theme or plot? Write a blog post that explains your personal search to understand the detail, beginning from the moment that the detail grabbed you and working toward your analysis of details and its relationship to the novel.




It is well known that To Kill a Mockingbird is a story about racism. While I was reading the book, I noticed that when the narrator mentioned Walter Cunningham and Borrus Ewell they sounded a bit lower than the main characters. At this point in the story there are a few main classes of people (I would call them “groups” or families”); the Cunninghams , the Ewells, and the Radlys. There are probably a lot more as the story continues. Each one of them is described in the story in a way that makes them sound worse than the regular people. When I say “regular people” I mean the majority of the people, the main character for example. The Cunninghams are poor, and the Ewells don’t obey the rules. Nothing is said bad about the anyone else except for the Radlys. There are multiple bad rumors about the Radlys. Arthur Radly, also known as Boo Radly, is rumored to walk around at night eating cats. This is significant to the storyline because it shows some stereotype and prejudice. Adding stereotypes makes the plot more noticeable; if it where not for this moment I do not think there would be a strong enough plot in the story.

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  1. Good, broad strokes here Nolan. What if you focussed even closer on one of those families and the details that describe them? What would that reveal about them and the story?

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