IHub reads. Two questions



Write about one important occurrence/person came to light in this chapter, quote one thought-provoking passage, and one question that came to mind.


One person that came to light in the first chapter is Charles Baker Harris. He is introduced so early in the story it makes him feel like a main character. This moment also revealed the ages of the main characters. One of the first things he said was “I can read”. Jem thought that Charles was about four and a half. Charles is really going on seven, but this still got me wondering at what age did people start reading back when this book was written. I could not find any articles online that answered this question, but I assume that they learned to read a bit earlier than we do now.


What did the first sentence of the book make you feel/think?


I usually like it when a story begins with an a description or a current action. The first sentence of this novel tells about a past action that would make people think that the story will take a while to start moving. It makes someone think that the next few paragraphs will be a long boring backstory. I would have liked it If they had worded the introduction better.

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