IDS update.

I have got my website up and running :3.

You can go visit it at:

There is nothing on the website at the moment, I will slowly be adding stuff onto the website in the next few weeks.

I have most of the code for the website finished, but i wan’t to make it look as good as possible before i upload it. Sorry for the delay

Thanks for reading :3


I decided to add a little more information,

What I have accomplished sense my last post on this topic was… I directed my domain ( to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) witch allows the website to use php and java code. I also added a .htaccess file to the server that removes the “.html” from the end of the url. I could also use this later to do some other cool things with the url. I am using FileZilla to upload files to the server quickly so that I don’t have to host a php running software on my computer to test some simple code.

I emailed supercell over 2 months ago and still got no response, So if I’m going to continue and make a section of my website based on our Clash Of Clans clan I will have to be very careful in fallowing their “Fan Content Policy“.

Thanks for reading again :3

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