Another IDS Update.

After my last blog post, I have added a register and login button that I can easily add to all pages of my website. Both the Login and Register buttons or on the navigation bar on the top of the website. The registering system works fine, but people can easily make bots that automatically register an account. I found 2500 accounts one day in the database… I disabled registering until I make some sort of bot protection. Also the login system seems to be broken but It should be easy to fix. After I get those hooked up I need to store data on a users clash of clans username(s). And after that I can start making a war system. The war system should be very easy because I already have the register system working, It should just be a matter of copying and modifying some of that code.

Thats where I am now. If I get a spam-bot protection working this week I should have plenty of time to work on the war system and maybe even some extra time to work on something else.

Thanks for reading :3

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