IDS update… again…

I have completely finished the login/register system on my website. I think. I added google’s “reCAPTCHA” to my register page to protect against bots. I have also fixed the login form not working. There is still an error that I can not get rid of. It is not effecting the functionality of my website, it just looks ugly.

Now what I have to do is get the war system set up. I have a mysql table open and some code to connect the website to it. An issue I can see coming is programming in different amounts of participants. If every war had lets say 15 people in it, that would be a lot easier to code. But not every war will be the same, all I do know is it will be from 10-50 in intervals of 5. Hopefully this won’t be too complicated.

If you have no idea what Im talking about, I am making a page on my website dedicated to the Clash of Clans clan: SoulBoundRealms.

Thanks for reading :3

I have found a way of getting rid of the error. No more ugliness :3.

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