Hopefully my second to last IDS update.

I have been running into problems when storing data about wars. I have come up with a new plan on how to store the data but this new plan will not work with the claiming system. So in order for this to work I have to come up with a new system for claiming enemies.

The main problem that I have been running into is how complicated the war system in clash of clans is. I have to be able to give the server some data in this format: (clan member name) (attacks / defends against) (enemy number) (stars [0,1,2,3]). That format can explain everything that happens in a war. The problem is translating it into the data base and then onto the website when it is called. There is also other complicated functions that need to happen. Best attack on someone, max of 2 attacks, re-calculating star count with respect to all attacks, etc.

I have searched around for a clash of clans public API but I could not find anything. warclans.com has some kind of API but it is not public. So sadly I can not connect my website to the clash of clans servers. What I did find was an API that plancke made for the Hypixel Minecraft server in PHP and I might be adding that to my website if I have time to spare. You can see his API in action here: plancke.nl .

Thats all for now. Hopefully my next post will be my last on this IDS, thanks for reading :3

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