IDS Recap

The goal of my IDS was for me to learn the necessary programming languages for making websites.

I went about doing this by making a page on my website that was a database for our Clash Of Clans clan.

After I got multiple suggestions for the webpage, I decided to expand and make this page not just a datacenter but also a place to claim targets in a war. This was becoming a problem inside of the clan because people would claim targets and someone else would then attack it.

Clash Of Clans does not have a public API, so I can’t get data off of the Clash of Clans server without doing something that Clash Of Clans does not support. Because of this, the website has to be more independent, and get updated through human interaction instead of automatically through the Clash of Clans server.

Here is a list of things I have put on my website (Somewhat in order)

– Navigation Bar

– Login and Register System

– Layout of Clan Page

– Two databases, one for war data, and one for clan-mate data

– List of Clan-mates on the side of Clan Page

– Current war and past war list

– Add war data/Add clan-mate data button

– Permissions (Only specified people can add war or clan-mate data)

– War information page

– Another database for war events

– Add war event button

– Claiming system

That is everything I have added to the Clan page on my website.

I have also made a page for UHC (Ultra Hard Core). On June 20th I am hosting a UHC along with Lyle and I made a page on my website for it. This was a great opportunity for me to fiddle around with javascript because I was not able to with the Clan page.

I did not have time to write my own javascript code, Instead I modified open source code. This allowed me to try javascript without having to learn the entire language first.

After my presentation I might make another post, but If you want to learn more about my website go ahead and visit it at: Thanks for reading again :3

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