Digital media class May 2nd

Today in digital media class, We talked about communication, what it means, how it is done properly, how to do it politely, and what tools we use for communication.  We decided that the most accurate definition we come up with is “Transferring something to a thing or a person”.  There was also an activity where we teamed up in teams of two, one person had a pen and paper and faced away from the screen, and the other partner had to describe what was on the screen without body language for the first partner to draw. I think we did a good job! I teamed up with Kenna and we came up with effective ways to describe what was on the screen.  Such as using words like horizontal and vertical line.


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Java Applications and Game Design

Today in Digital Media class we where told to make a poster on what we are interested in doing and sharing. After making my poster I was given 2 helpful questions (the other 9 where just random sticky notes). The first good questions is “how would you share it? (licence it?)” I have never thought about this before, Creative commons might work but I would probably have to look into it more to make sure. The second was “what other program u could use?” (exactly as it was written) and my answer is: what is the question? I really don’t understand, Im going to assume you mean what other kinds of computer programming languages could I use, But really I could use any language but I feel like sticking with Java because It is the best language I can think of that works on both mac and pc (linux too). I have learned a bit of c++ though.

What would I change about my presentation? I think I should have added more details and have researched the best way to licence it. (I’m going to assume that creative commons is). Other then that I think my presentation was pretty good.


Digital Media class Feb 28,

Today in digital Media class, Heidi Gable came in to talk about copyright.  if you notice, at the bottom of this webpage:, you can find a disclaimer at the bottom. We where shown a video by that guy and asked why he is allowed to use other peoples music, We decided he is allowed because he is not making any money off of it (even though he is selling it), He will remove any song if the owners do not approve, and  he only uses small clips, witch is allowed.  We where also shown this website: where you can make a creative commons listens. The listens tells people if they are allowed to share, copy, modify, or make money off of your product/website. We learned a lot more today but it is a bit hard to put into words on a blog. We learned about what is allowed when copying something, and when you can get sued for it. for an example.


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Digital-Media class Feb 14.

In DigitalMedia class today we where asked some questions…I find this a bit ironic because I’m posting this online…


1. Who do you want to be online?


Invisible, not even there. But myself otherwise


2. What is a digital footprint and how can you control yours?


A digital footprint is how much of an impact you leave on the internet, I make sure everything I post online is not “bad” in anyway even if a make it private.


also I don’t use Facebook, tumbler, reddit, or instagram (only twitter and youtube)


3. What recent embarrassing story of a celebrity has developed online?


Umm I’m not too sure, but I think Justin beaver peed in a mop bucket.


4. What are some strategies that you can use to stay safe online?


Not being online is the best, not saying anything is the best after that, and not saying ANY personal information is after that.


5.  Which categories of people are most vulnerable online and why?


Everyone online has the same amount of risks, it just depends what you do online that increases those risks.


6. Are offline and online risks any different and why?


Online you have all the risks you do offline plus a bunch more, If someone swears offline you have to be there to know it happened, on the internet you can be on the other side of the world and still hear it.


3 most trusted websites…

We were asked to chose 3 of our most trusted websites (information websites). I don’t have any…

Ive been using to help me learn how to program in java, and most of the information on that site is really helpful, but it is a question/answer website so some of the answers might not be correct. but so far the community seems really nice and more then one answer is always given so I can try them out until one works. I was thinking about getting an account but today in DigitalMedia class we were talking about internet safety, and now I don’t know. If you use that website and you are happy please send me a comment.

Other then that website, I like to use information from other people or books, which seams to be a bit more reliable.

And if I where to use websites that i trust that aren’t for information I would pick:, because it never changes and all it says is “something.”,, because why not?, and finally stack

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A card trick without a name!

Today in Digital-Media class, we were shown a card trick (not a magic trick) that involves a lot of concentrating and random movements.

What we do is arrange the cards in order so that if we place down a card, it will be an ace, then we move the next card to the back and place down the second card that will be a 2, and so on. Confusing I know. Also the cards can be face up if you wish. you aren’t allowed to mess with the deck while placing the cards down only when you are arranging the cards so they will come up in that order. Also you can do it with as many cards as you want, From 5 up (we didn’t try below 5). We started by putting 5 cards in order. then we kept testing till we got it right. Then we did 6 cards and so on. I found out a trick where i lay the cards out on the table, and put spaces in between the 1, the 2, and the 3. If the card at the end is even the card between 1 and 2 has to be the next one in the sequence. So with 6 cards it will be, 142635. That is the order you stick 6 cards in for it to work. Carl and I managed to figure out up to 10, we didn’t have the time to go further. The order for 10 cards is: 1,6,2,9,3,7,4,10,5,8. I think I don’t have the cards on me at the moment.

Also Michael managed to do the whole deck!

photo 2Sorry the Picture isn’t to clear.


3 Humans, 2 monkeys & 1 Gorilla

In digital media class today we where paired with a partner. Me with Liam ( We where then given 6 popsicle sticks: 3 yellow, 2 orange, and one red (3 humans, 2 monkeys & 1 Gorilla).  And where told to figure out a puzzle.


All 6 animals (yes the humans are animals) have to cross a river on a boat that can only carry 2 animals at a time, but it can also carry 1 at a time. If the monkeys and the Gorilla ever outnumber the humans you lose. The monkeys cannot move the boat by themselves, they must be on the boat with either 1 human or the Gorilla. Once all the animals are on the opposite side of the river you started on without any humans dying you win.


This reminded me of an iPad game I played called “PuzzleAgent 2”. That game was full of puzzles including something very similar to this one.


Liam and I got working on it. After a very short amount of time we thought we got it, but we missed something and left the boat on the other side of the lake by mistake. After failing there we started over and tried again a couple more times. Leif came over and told us a about another similar puzzle he had to do at one point, This gave us and idea but before we could test it our time was up. While sitting here in front of my computer writing this we think we figured it out. In our first time around we left the boat on the wrong side and then restarted, if we didn’t restart and continued with the boat on the other side we think we would have finished it.


The main problem that we had was we restarted to early each time.  Other than that I think we where doing pretty good. For our strategy we just made sure that the humans did not start for a few turns. It didn’t work to well.


Give the puzzle a try and make sure you don’t kill your humans 🙂