IHub reads: First fishbowl

I wanted to post this on Friday like my last post, But I wanted to wait until the online fishbowl was over.

My thesis for the fishbowl was:

” I believe that the dog represents the people who have been convicted in court. Even if they where innocent. And that Atticus has a big part in either proving them guilty or innocent.  But in the end he still does not have a choice in deciding if a person is guilty or not. He still has to shoot the dog.”

(I copied this strait from the online fishbowl.)

My opinion has not changed much after the fishbowls. I still believe that the dog represented innocence even though he appears to be a danger. I am not saying the dog was not going to hurt anybody, But nothing can prove that it was going to hurt anybody either. He was convicted guilty and shot before it was given a chance to prove itself innocent. And Atticus had no choice afterwords.

I have not been given permission to quote anybody else in the fishbowl, so I won’t for now. If I am given permission I will expand on this more.

Thank you for reading!


IHub reads. Two questions



Write about one important occurrence/person came to light in this chapter, quote one thought-provoking passage, and one question that came to mind.


One person that came to light in the first chapter is Charles Baker Harris. He is introduced so early in the story it makes him feel like a main character. This moment also revealed the ages of the main characters. One of the first things he said was “I can read”. Jem thought that Charles was about four and a half. Charles is really going on seven, but this still got me wondering at what age did people start reading back when this book was written. I could not find any articles online that answered this question, but I assume that they learned to read a bit earlier than we do now.


What did the first sentence of the book make you feel/think?


I usually like it when a story begins with an a description or a current action. The first sentence of this novel tells about a past action that would make people think that the story will take a while to start moving. It makes someone think that the next few paragraphs will be a long boring backstory. I would have liked it If they had worded the introduction better.

iSearch Task – Blog Post


Find a single significant detail in your novel. Look for a specific passage, a pivotal event, or an important symbol. Find something that grabs your interest and that you want to examine carefully. For your blog post, investigate your detail completely–Make it your own. Learn everything you can about it. Why is it there in the story? How does it relate to the particular scene in the novel? How is it important to the overall theme or plot? Write a blog post that explains your personal search to understand the detail, beginning from the moment that the detail grabbed you and working toward your analysis of details and its relationship to the novel.




It is well known that To Kill a Mockingbird is a story about racism. While I was reading the book, I noticed that when the narrator mentioned Walter Cunningham and Borrus Ewell they sounded a bit lower than the main characters. At this point in the story there are a few main classes of people (I would call them “groups” or families”); the Cunninghams , the Ewells, and the Radlys. There are probably a lot more as the story continues. Each one of them is described in the story in a way that makes them sound worse than the regular people. When I say “regular people” I mean the majority of the people, the main character for example. The Cunninghams are poor, and the Ewells don’t obey the rules. Nothing is said bad about the anyone else except for the Radlys. There are multiple bad rumors about the Radlys. Arthur Radly, also known as Boo Radly, is rumored to walk around at night eating cats. This is significant to the storyline because it shows some stereotype and prejudice. Adding stereotypes makes the plot more noticeable; if it where not for this moment I do not think there would be a strong enough plot in the story.

Today in…some kind of class that I don’t know the name of.

We where mainly doing some graphing, and talking about population.  We where asked to come up with a question about population/population growth. I was working with Jay and our question was “What is the growth rates of population in British Columbia in comparison to Manitoba” You can’t really tell by the picture, but we used two different colours of ink…photo 3Ignore the random doodles on the side, those where not made by us. Our answer to the question was “BC’s population grows two times that of Manitoba” and this does seem to be the case when we look it up on the internet. So overall I think we got the answer right and did what the project asked us too.


Thanks for reading 😀

Inquiry Update & Science

In science we are currently working on sparki (arduino).  Im working with Lyle and Liam to program our robot to go through a maze by itself. So far, It is having a hard time making right turns…The way we wan’t it to go through the maze is for It to fallow the left wall. But when it reaches a right turn it hits the wall first, and sometimes hits its tail end on the wall causing it to swerve a different direction.  My brain started to hurt so I took a brake from programming. And that is where we are now.

Also, I have been working on my inquiry a lot. My inquiry was “I ill design and build a 2d Action game”. I have been fallowing a tutorial on youtube. I found someone else who made a game using the same tutorial, and found out how he got entities to work, like an NPC… So I added one to my game but I couldn’t get multiple of the same NPC to spawn. So now Im debating if I should make it an action game against an AI or an action game against another player…And that is where I am so far.

Thanks for reading 😀

New Inquiry: Game design

My new Inquiry is going to be: “I will design and build an action game in java”. I think the main problem Im going to run into is adding a user interface. Everything else I think I will be able to do smoothly. I am reading a few books on java and I am also watching a bunch of video’s on how to set up interfaces. These will definitely come in handy while going through with my inquiry. I already have a bit programmed…and I am already running into problems with the interface. I am going to make the game 8 bit and make it seem as retro as possible.

Thanks for reading 😀

Inquiry update: Finished!!

Well not really finished. But we did present and we are going to be working on it more. I do have the the instrumental version and I will post it as soon as I can figure out how. We also finished the lyrics but we have not recorded them yet, we are having a hard time with microphones. Thanks for reading 🙂


Inquiry update: Almost Done!!!

We have finished the instrumentals for the song! And we have it recorded! But I can’t share it because I am not able to upload the file, it is too big. If you wan’t too hear it come and ask me. We are almost done the lyrics and hope to record them on monday. Sadly Im not too sure if we can get the video done 🙁

There is also socials due on monday and a group discussion on tuesday. Its going to be hard to get it all done over the weekend. Thanks for readying :). Once we record the lyrics we will hopefully find a way to share it.

Inquiry update #something

Lyle has been sick for two weeks…he is finally back but we weren’t able to get much done in those 2 weeks, I did manage to re-write the piano for the song, made an intro for the song (started working on an ending), and started making ideas for the lyrics. We still have to find a person to sing (not sure if its going to be a boy or a girl yet), add some drums, finish the lyrics, record again, and film the video.  But hopefully we can do 2-4 this weekend.  Some problems we had with our last recording where all audio issues, things wouldn’t record properly and something was holding down the peddle on the keyboard (i didn’t notice because i couldn’t hear it). We do have an audio file of our old version but I don’t think i should post it yet, I also have sheet music for the piano but i don’t have a scanner so I can’t show you.


Thanks for reading,

Inquiry update…

Lyle has been sick ALL week, so I rarely get a chance to work on the inquiry. I was able to do a few things like, practicing the piano, writing down sheet music, thinking up a few lines that would work in the lyrics (I won’t share them right now). But I wasn’t able to do any serious work because I need the recording to think up any lyrics. So I hope lyle comes to school next week on monday so we can get some more work done, I’ve also been working on a cool effect for the music video, I haven’t talked to lyle about it yet but I was fiddling around with making water drop into buckets, whine glasses, or any kind of containers full of water in tune with the piano in the song. It will be a miner part but still would be very cool.

Im still trying to get my hands on to the recording of the song so I can’t share it this time. Hopefully next time