Inquiry update: Finished!!

Well not really finished. But we did present and we are going to be working on it more. I do have the the instrumental version and I will post it as soon as I can figure out how. We also finished the lyrics but we have not recorded them yet, we are having a hard time with microphones. Thanks for reading 🙂


Inquiry update: Almost Done!!!

We have finished the instrumentals for the song! And we have it recorded! But I can’t share it because I am not able to upload the file, it is too big. If you wan’t too hear it come and ask me. We are almost done the lyrics and hope to record them on monday. Sadly Im not too sure if we can get the video done 🙁

There is also socials due on monday and a group discussion on tuesday. Its going to be hard to get it all done over the weekend. Thanks for readying :). Once we record the lyrics we will hopefully find a way to share it.

Java Applications and Game Design

Today in Digital Media class we where told to make a poster on what we are interested in doing and sharing. After making my poster I was given 2 helpful questions (the other 9 where just random sticky notes). The first good questions is “how would you share it? (licence it?)” I have never thought about this before, Creative commons might work but I would probably have to look into it more to make sure. The second was “what other program u could use?” (exactly as it was written) and my answer is: what is the question? I really don’t understand, Im going to assume you mean what other kinds of computer programming languages could I use, But really I could use any language but I feel like sticking with Java because It is the best language I can think of that works on both mac and pc (linux too). I have learned a bit of c++ though.

What would I change about my presentation? I think I should have added more details and have researched the best way to licence it. (I’m going to assume that creative commons is). Other then that I think my presentation was pretty good.


Inquiry update #something

Lyle has been sick for two weeks…he is finally back but we weren’t able to get much done in those 2 weeks, I did manage to re-write the piano for the song, made an intro for the song (started working on an ending), and started making ideas for the lyrics. We still have to find a person to sing (not sure if its going to be a boy or a girl yet), add some drums, finish the lyrics, record again, and film the video.  But hopefully we can do 2-4 this weekend.  Some problems we had with our last recording where all audio issues, things wouldn’t record properly and something was holding down the peddle on the keyboard (i didn’t notice because i couldn’t hear it). We do have an audio file of our old version but I don’t think i should post it yet, I also have sheet music for the piano but i don’t have a scanner so I can’t show you.


Thanks for reading,

Inquiry update…

Lyle has been sick ALL week, so I rarely get a chance to work on the inquiry. I was able to do a few things like, practicing the piano, writing down sheet music, thinking up a few lines that would work in the lyrics (I won’t share them right now). But I wasn’t able to do any serious work because I need the recording to think up any lyrics. So I hope lyle comes to school next week on monday so we can get some more work done, I’ve also been working on a cool effect for the music video, I haven’t talked to lyle about it yet but I was fiddling around with making water drop into buckets, whine glasses, or any kind of containers full of water in tune with the piano in the song. It will be a miner part but still would be very cool.

Im still trying to get my hands on to the recording of the song so I can’t share it this time. Hopefully next time

Digital-Media class Feb 14.

In DigitalMedia class today we where asked some questions…I find this a bit ironic because I’m posting this online…


1. Who do you want to be online?


Invisible, not even there. But myself otherwise


2. What is a digital footprint and how can you control yours?


A digital footprint is how much of an impact you leave on the internet, I make sure everything I post online is not “bad” in anyway even if a make it private.


also I don’t use Facebook, tumbler, reddit, or instagram (only twitter and youtube)


3. What recent embarrassing story of a celebrity has developed online?


Umm I’m not too sure, but I think Justin beaver peed in a mop bucket.


4. What are some strategies that you can use to stay safe online?


Not being online is the best, not saying anything is the best after that, and not saying ANY personal information is after that.


5.  Which categories of people are most vulnerable online and why?


Everyone online has the same amount of risks, it just depends what you do online that increases those risks.


6. Are offline and online risks any different and why?


Online you have all the risks you do offline plus a bunch more, If someone swears offline you have to be there to know it happened, on the internet you can be on the other side of the world and still hear it.


Inquiry update #2

I am still working with Lyle  to make a music video. We have done a lot in the last week but really not much we can share. We have the layout of the song all ready. We are still struggling to get a theme for the song, Once we have this we can work the lyrics out. We know that we wan’t to make the song somewhat dark (considering the instruments we have) but not as dark as something like the catalyst by linking park…that is just creepy.  We were thinking more like “breaking the habit” or “castle of glass”. Ive been thinking about castle of glass a lot because it has a very distinct theme to it (how much a person can make a difference in war). And thinking about that all dark songs are about something like war or poverty, And we wan’t our song to be somewhat original.  Its been hard to work to much on it this week because we were trying to get everything ready for the report cards.






Open house, Minecraft Nail, and New Inquiry

         Inquiry Hub Open House:


On Thursday January 16th the InquiryHub had an Open House. A lot of people came and I got to meet a lot of parents. I was set up with a few arduinos that I got ready for people to look at. I haven’t used arduinos since christmas break so I was a bit slow at getting it all ready. In the end I set up 2 arduinos, One with a simple song playing on it, and another with a traffic light and button.  I didn’t really know what to say when people came over but Aaron and Evan helped me out. I hope some of the people I met end up coming to the Inquiry Hub.


      Minecraft Nail:

(If you don’t know anything about Minecraft or simply don’t care skip this paragraph)

           On Thursday January 16th (the same day as the open house) a couple of friends and I played a game of  “Nail” made by Rixiot  at lunch time (11:45 – 12:45).  Nail is a Minecraft PvP map (player vs player) where there are two teams of four: Attackers and Defenders. The Attackers’ job is to destroy 2 sponges at the far end of the map. The Defenders’ job is to defend it. We had a team captain vote:

Defenders: Nolan(Me), Leif,  Michael, and William

Attackers: Lyle, Josh, Harry, and LiamO(

William took the sniping position and scored some amazing shots on the Attackers. The Defenders don’t get food like the Attackers do so Michael got us some.  There are 2 ender pearls in the map so I took one of them hoping that they would not know where the other one is. Then I joined up with William.  And finally Leif and Michael took to close combat and completely destroyed the Attackers. It ended with a victory to the Defenders!  It was a fun game and we hope to play again.

New Inquiry Idea:

I have teamed up with Lyle for a new Inquiry. We are going to make a song (with lyrics) and make a video for it

(in short a music video). We don’t have anything to share at the moment but feedback would be great. Just a short update thanks for reading :D.