Programming IDS

For my Independent Directed Study (IDS) I have decided to create a website. The reason I would wan’t to create a website is: I can use multiple programming languages to create it. Like my old inquiries I can use java, I can maybe even post a video game on my website. And of course I will have to use html, javascript, and php for programming the website itself.

I have already started creating the website using Adobe Dreamweaver. I am using Adobe Dreamweaver because it has a very easy to use css editor. I am also using PhpStorm from Jetbrains because it hosts the website on my computer so I can test php code.  I am using bootstrap witch is a package full of css files. I am using it because I am currently not that good at css :3.

Next time I post I will have a picture of how far I’ve gotten.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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