3 Humans, 2 monkeys & 1 Gorilla

In digital media class today we where paired with a partner. Me with Liam (http://liamo.inquiryhub.org). We where then given 6 popsicle sticks: 3 yellow, 2 orange, and one red (3 humans, 2 monkeys & 1 Gorilla).  And where told to figure out a puzzle.


All 6 animals (yes the humans are animals) have to cross a river on a boat that can only carry 2 animals at a time, but it can also carry 1 at a time. If the monkeys and the Gorilla ever outnumber the humans you lose. The monkeys cannot move the boat by themselves, they must be on the boat with either 1 human or the Gorilla. Once all the animals are on the opposite side of the river you started on without any humans dying you win.


This reminded me of an iPad game I played called “PuzzleAgent 2”. That game was full of puzzles including something very similar to this one.


Liam and I got working on it. After a very short amount of time we thought we got it, but we missed something and left the boat on the other side of the lake by mistake. After failing there we started over and tried again a couple more times. Leif came over and told us a about another similar puzzle he had to do at one point, This gave us and idea but before we could test it our time was up. While sitting here in front of my computer writing this we think we figured it out. In our first time around we left the boat on the wrong side and then restarted, if we didn’t restart and continued with the boat on the other side we think we would have finished it.


The main problem that we had was we restarted to early each time.  Other than that I think we where doing pretty good. For our strategy we just made sure that the humans did not start for a few turns. It didn’t work to well.


Give the puzzle a try and make sure you don’t kill your humans 🙂